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Recorded 12/02/2020

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Sure-Fi Training - Rant Solutions- Charleston

Training with Brad Parker

Fri Jan 15th 2:00 PM EDT

Training with TFL Detroit North

Training with John Caldwell

Sat Jan 16th 9:00 AM EDT

Whats New at Sure-Fi

John Caldwell and Brad Parker

Wed Jan 20th NOON MDT

Training with Carolina Wiring

Training with Brad Parker

Thu Jan 21st 8:30 AM EDT

Sure-Fi Training - Big State Electric - San Antonio

training with Brad Parker

Thu Jan 21st 9:00 AM CDT

4Sight Security

Meeting with Brad Parker

Fri Jan 22nd 9:00 AM MDT

Training with Remote Technology

Training with John Caldwell
I'm adding to their teams meeting

Mon Jan 25th 8:00 AM EDT

Sure-Fi Training Panther Integration

Training with John Caldwell

Mon Jan 25th 9:00 AM MDT

Pro gate LLC

Training by John Caldwell

Wed Feb 3rd 10:00 AM EDT

Training with PTR Atlanta

Training with John Caldwell

Wed Feb 3rd NOON EDT

Training with Custom Technologies Plus

Technical training ie app, wiring and troubleshooting

Wed Feb 10th 11:00 AM CDT

Sure-Fi Training - Security 101 LLC- Center Conway NH

training with Brad Parker

Wed Feb 17th 1:00 PM EDT